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About us

David Ettman has over 25 years of administrative, governmental, and environmental consulting experience, and has held high-level positions in both private and public sectors. Mr. Ettman is responsible for all administrative operations within the company and directly supervises the administrative staff.

Angel Ruiz has over 30 years of field experience and heavy equipment operation, and supervised the demolition and cleanup of numerous buildings and sites in South Dade County after Hurricane Andrew while working for Cuyahoga Wrecking. Mr. Ruiz is in charge of all field operations, oversees all jobs, and is on-site superintendent for major jobs.


Greg the Garbageman has over 40 years experience of taking out the trash, starting with growing up in a single mother and three sisters. He started his professional career during Hurricane Andrew with Tip Top Tree Service then continued on with Waste Management of Dade County. He was second in the nation for new sales and developed the Fast Fax Back marketing program.

U. S. Wrecking offers Demolition, Dismantling, Land Clearing and more services See all Services

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