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These are some of the projects we worked on:

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Miami Shores Village

Clean-up and dispose of Hurricane Wilma vegetative debris within a 2 square mile area.


Ft. Lauderdale Marine Center

Dismantle yacht boat sheds over water and side facilities.


Palmetto Expressway Widening Project

Total demolition of 54 houses within DOT ROW.


Park Structures Warehouse

Total demolition of 92,000 square foot warehouse complex.


Greenbriar Hotel

Total demolition of three building complex on Hollywood Beach.


Port of Miami - Security Gate

Total demolition of tractor trailer security gate complex.


California Club Mall - Office

Total gut out of 20,000 square feet of retail.


Depot Space

Space to prep for new Office Depot.


Regatta II

Demolition of five building, multi story apartment complex on Miami Beach.


Surfside Swimming and Recreational Center


Williamson Cadillac Dealership, Dadeland


Miami Marlins Baseball Stadium/ Bobby Maduros Stadium


Concourse H, Miami International Airport


Charles Hotel on Miami Beach


Hundreds of Other Commercial and Residential Projects